Addressing Pain Points To Get Their Attention

The best lead magnets (and products) find a pain point and then provide a simple solution. The way it works is that you get their attention when you can speak to their pain points and provide easy solutions to solve those pain points. Essentially, your job is to develop solutions that your audience already wants and put it in front of them through your marketing efforts.
As you refine your ideal audience’s persona you will start to discover their pain points. You’ll learn them through conversations with your audience and conversations your audience has with other members of the audience. When you address a pain point in a lead magnet or any type of content that you create it kind of pokes the bear or points out the elephant in the room in a way that gets your audience’s attention better.
For example, here are some potential titles of a lead magnet devoted to different niches:
Get Your Baby to Sleep All Night (So You Can Too) Using This Method Passed Down Through the Ages
This title addresses the problem of the baby staying awake all night because your audience member can’t sleep either if the baby isn’t sleeping. It clues them in that there is a solution, but it first mentions the problem.
The Number One Way to Get More Targeted Website Traffic Is as Simple as Doing This One Thing
This title addresses the issue of getting more traffic to your website and not just any traffic but targeted traffic. So, you’re addressing the problem of traffic that will take action and are promising a simple solution for them.
Increase Websites Traffic 10X With This Simple Method
Again, addressing the issue of getting website traffic and increasing it 10 times over using a simple method. This is a good title because people like numbers and they also like things to be simple.
Lose Weight Naturally by Eating More Food
For anyone who needs to lose weight, they will be interested in this idea because they get to not be hungry because they get to eat more food. You mention the problem up front and the solution right in the title.
Notice that to even create a title for a lead magnet you need to know:
* Who Your Audience Is
* What Their Problem Is
* What Your Solution Is
It really is that simple. You’re simply solving a problem for the people who are looking for the solution. They will first look up information about their problem, then they’ll find the solutions, compare the solutions and then choose a solution. By focusing on their pain points you will bring them to your solution faster and easier than if you focus on the solution first.

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