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Templates are only the beginning... using them will fast forward your email marketing strategy in a big way.

You know an email series is crucial to your success. Do you have a strong, complete strategy in place?

Does This Sound Familiar?

I don't know what to say to my list!

I struggle to come up with content for my readers.

I don't mail my list at all because I'm afraid they'll unsubscribe!

If You Are Ready to Create Your Automated Email Marketing Strategy ...

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A Lot of My Revenue Comes from Email Marketing...

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Sending email to your list is not only about writing. It's about planning.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, it's about getting your reader to take the action you want them to take. 

The beauty of automated email marketing is you get to use your best content over and over again as new readers come onto your list. 

Success for me came after years, and I mean YEARS, of mistakes. You're probably making many of those same mistakes right now. That's why I've put together this training.

There are only 3 keys to being successful with online marketing using an email autoresponder series. You're going to discover those now . . .

Ready to Start Making A Bigger Impact Without Spending Your Priceless Time?

The Three Key Strategies


Create re-usable email content that generates ongoing income.


Know exactly what your community responds to, delivering high conversion rates.


Eliminate your stress about emailing every day and have more fun.


Email Autoresponders That Convert

The Step-by-Step Email Marketing System

With my easy-to-follow, step-by-step system, we focus on real paths to email and business success, not short-lived, game-the-system tricks.

And we don't do theory. We focus on email autoresponder tactics that work with clear fill-in-the-blank steps in a strategy planner you can refer to that builds your autoresponder series painlessly!

There are no push-button riches, no loopholes. Just the building blocks most people skip.

In EMAIL AUTORESPONDERS THAT CONVERT, I’ll walk you through a simple process for understanding and defining your autoresponder series so it helps you generate the financial freedom that comes with great automated email marketing.


With my 30-day Money Back Guarantee,

 I take care of you -
you have nothing to lose...!

Autoresponders That Convert

Email Autoresponder Magic

The Step-by-Step Email Marketing System

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Want The Specifics?

You'll Soon Be Able To:

Identify Your Goals for a Profitable Autoresponder Series.

Understand The Essentials for a High-Converting Autoresponder Series

Plan Your Content To Ensure Writing Your Autoresponder Is A Breeze

Use Best Practices for Writing Your Autoresponder Series

Autoresponders That Convert

Inside, You'll Get:

Four Short Modules that get you where you need to be quickly. 

A fill-in-the-blank Quick Start Guide that helps you complete the necessary pieces to build a powerful autoresponder series that converts.

A Checklist to keep by your side and refer to whenever you need a reminder to keep you on target.

Quick memory-jogging Graphics And Tools to assist you every time you create a new autoresponder series. 

I walk you through the process of creating your email autoresponder series to begin building cash-generating autoresponders that work for you day and night. I've created multiple ways to take action, including videos, slide notes, and MP3 audios so you can consume in any format.



What Is An

You must have an autoresponder system to have a successful business.

You discover the types of emails to send and how to manage effective delivery.



Focus On The
Road Ahead

Discover how to effectively engage others in order to build a loyal following that is interested in everything you offer.  

Master different types of autoresponder campaigns that are proven to effectively work.



Email Series

Understanding how to measure your email conversions and how to optimize for the best results possible is your fastest route to a highly profitable business. The knowledge you gain in this module is priceless.



Writing Your Autoresponder Emails

Now we put everything together so you will craft actionable emails. You'll structure the kind of autoresponder series you have wished for, one that nutures your community and builds engagement that is profitable for all.

You'll receive:

Fill-In-The-Blanks Quick Start Guide

Using your guide as you go through the steps, you will have your entire autoresponder series planned in detail.

Multi-Option Learning

If you're a reader instead of a watcher, we have a complete course textbook that you can use to build your autoresponder series. Take action at your own pace and follow step-by-step instructions.

Tools and Resources

Complete list of autoresponder tools and resources to help you build the most profitable autoresponder series with the least investment.


Use this checklist to ensure that you're creating autoresponder series as quickly and profitably as possible with a clear goal.

Bonus: Power Words

Discover which words you should use and which ones to avoid in your autoresponder series to effectively drive more conversions.

Bonus: Subject Lines

Use this simple list of proven subject lines that will help you convert more people from prospect to customer.