Giving Them A Resource Page As Part Of Your Lead Magnet Is Smart

One of the fastest ways to monetize your lead magnets is by including a resource page for every single lead magnet that you create. A resource page can be a page on your site, or it can be a document that is downloadable with active links, usually affiliate links, or links to your own products or services, that helps your customer accomplish solving the problem that your lead magnet is designed to solve. It’s an easy way to give them the tools that they need to solve the problem your lead magnet is focused on solving.
Make it Related
You probably want to create a different resource page for each lead magnet that you create. Even paid information products need a resource page. Simply add it to the last page of your short report or provide a link to the resources on your website, you can even add it to the first page of a course so that your customers know what type of products they need to buy to complete the tasks you’re recommending. It needs to be related directly to the lead magnet to be useful.
Make it Easy
One reason having a resource page is so smart is that it makes it easy for your customers to know what type of products or services they may need and the ones that you recommend. If they’re following you, they want to know exactly what you use and how you use it to do what you do. The best thing you can do is make it easy for them by providing a downloadable list or a new webpage with the list online.
Hand it Out
If you are hosting a live event, in person or online, having a handout that you give them with a list of resources is an excellent way to show them what to use but also to add to your bottom line. Even if they don’t purchase the main product or service you’re marketing with the event, purchases from the resource list can add up.
Put It Where They’ll See It
It’s important when you have a resource list to put it where the audience will see it. You need to point it out and tell people about it. For example, if you have a video hosted on YouTube, you’ll want to add the links to the description of the video or provide a link to the downloadable file as a secondary lead magnet to get them on your list from YouTube. If the video is hosted on your site and required an email to see the video, you can embed the resource list right on the site under or near the video.
Providing a resource list, whether it’s a PDF document or a page on your website, is a smart way to add to your bottom line. It’s also a smart way to add value to your customers and prospects. Providing a resource list will solidify your expertise because you’re recommending products and services you believe in and use yourself.

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