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Websites & Landing Pages

Tired of worrying about your website? Let us take the worry away with our weekly or monthly maintenance service. Don't have a site yet? No worries - we can take care of that for you.

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Autoresponder Campaigns

Are you ready to get your business set up on auto-pilot? Let us create the campaigns for your opt-ins, new client onboarding or for that new course. You can automate everything. We specialize in ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit.


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Course Creation

You have the knowledge and people want it. Let us help you get it out there for your people to see. Don't worry about the technical stuff we will do that - you focus on your magic.


As a coaching and speaker training company, we are obsessed with creating raving fans, and we specialize in doing just that in a live setting. In just a short time working with her, Jean has helped our coaching company get crystal clear on the steps we need to successfully create raving fans in the online space. We're no longer confused or overwhelmed by what we need to do to compete in a challenging online marketplace - we know exactly what the next steps are and we owe that all to Jean!

- Red Elephant

OMG! Major breakthrough. I can't believe I've missed this for so long. I feel soooooo good right now thanks to Jean. Awesome!

- Nancy O'Toole

I'd like to tell you about the day I spent with Jean Lanoue and her virtual day it was a positive, productive experience. I walked away with knowledge and a funnel that I can put into operation tomorrow.  It isn't the usual thing that you walk away from a course with something you can put into action. This was one of the most informative, productive and actionable courses that I've ever taken. I recommend it to everyone.  And as far as value for dollars, I can't even begin to tell you the value I received for the price I paid. So high praise Jean Lanoue and everyone take this course you'll walk away with lots of goodies!!

- Steve Greene

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