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These are the tools that I recommend. They're only on this list if I use them for me or for clients – and many of the links point to blog posts or videos where you can learn more before buying. Yes, some of these are affiliate links and some are completely free tools.

All of these tools have made my life easier. And since I am a Guerrilla Marketer at heart - they are all very reasonably priced.

Plus, if you purchase from my link and let me know by sending a message through the contact us page, you can email me questions about your purchase for 30 days and I will answer them personally. It's like your very own support department.

Domains and Hosting

Namecheap For Domains

Mom Webs For Domains or Hosting

A2 For Hosting

(Be Sure To Purchase Your Hosting Somewhere Other Than Where You Purchased The Domain)

Payment Processing

In addition to a shopping cart, you will need a merchant account. I always offer Paypal as an option and use these to process credit cards.

Stripe - use for online purchases

Square - can be used with a cell phone for onsite purchases (Paypal also has a mobile scanner now.


Social Tools

Page Builders

BeaverBuilder is what I use on this site

ThriveThemes is what I use on



Shopping Carts

The one I use is ThriveCart and it's freaking awesome. A lot of power made simple.

If you're just getting started, you can use PayBlue. There's no charge until you use it.





Video and Webinar Tools

Free Video/Screen Recording Tool 

Video Editing - I use Camtasia

Video Tracking

Video Storage - Vimeo is the easiest that I've found so I use it.

Webinars - Live

Webinars - Evergreen (pre-recorded)

More Tools

 Schedule Tracker that can be embedded on your site.

Short Link Creators & Trackers

I love the simplicity of SimpleClick Tracker so it what I use on all my sites. PrettyLink is well known and a great program so it's worth checking out.



Stock Photos And Videos

It's SUPER important that you only use photos on your site that have been purchased or from a  legit free site. Google Images are not all free and you could be asking for trouble using them on your site.

Stock Photos For Purchase - my favorite and the easiest to use


Membership and Course Building Platform

My first recommendation has a monthly cost but it can serve as your video and document storage as well as your shopping cart. 

My second choice has ALL the bells and whistles and really is for a more advanced user.

The third choice is actually a WordPress plugin so it will be hosted on your site versus a third party platform which is great but does require a bit more technical ability.

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