How To Monetize Lead Magnets In Different Formats

All lead magnets aren’t in PDF form so it’s important to consider how you can monetize your lead magnet no matter what format it’s in. It’s easy with digital products to make more offers once you start brainstorming about it. Let’s look at some ideas and examples.
* Make Offers in Videos – When you make a video it’s perfectly acceptable to make offers within the video as you’re describing how to do something. If you say “To accomplish this task I use Zoom” there is no reason you can’t include a link to Zoom. If you learn how to make pretty links that are easy to remember such as you can say something like “backslash Zoom” if you want to know more about this software.

* Make Offers in an eCourse – Whether it’s a free or paid eCourse you can make offers in a couple of ways. You can link to any resource you mention in the course right on within the content using anchor text that makes sense. Plus, you can add a little resource list at the end of the email under your signature line you can say something like, “Try the Resources Listed in This Lesson” then you can link to a website page you created with the affiliate links to the things you mentioned in that lesson.

* Make Offers in a Podcast (audio) – Just like you can mention in a video a link to an offer you can do the same thing in a podcast especially if you make pretty links that are easy to remember. If everything you promote is then it’s super simple to remember for you and your audience. But, also remember that you can still offer an additional file for each podcast by making a pretty link to the resource or by offering a downloadable document with the links.

* Make Offers in a Book or Report – It’s super simple to link to any resource or product within an eBook or report that’s digital. But, if it’s a paper book or even in a Kindle the best way is to give them an easy to remember link or use a QR code image that takes them to a special resource page on your site that’s just for them. Always include a resource list at the end of your book too even if it has long links.

* Make Offers Within a Website Based Course – If your lead magnet is a free course that’s hosted on a platform like Teachable, or on your website such as WordPress via Amember or really any method if it’s on a webpage you can easily link to downloadable resource lists or link to each resource individually when it’s mentioned. But again, when the course is over you want to give them a separate resource list so that they don’t forget or hunt down the links.

* Make Offers Within an App – If you gave away a free app as part of your lead magnet then you can activate in-app marketing and advertising too. You will need to know how to code and how to do this process, but it can also be as simple as adding a link to your resource page hosted on your website. The important thing is to make the offer in some method.
Don’t forget that in pretty much any case you can offer a downloadable PDF file with resources in every single lead magnet that you offer to anyone. Usually, it’s not that much harder to add a PDF File to download whether you add it to the page the videos and audio are housed or whether they download a zip file that comes complete with all videos and resource files. The important thing is to make the offers clear, relevant, and valuable to your audience.

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