Plan Your Lead Magnet Around An Offer

It’s been mentioned lightly before, but did you know that one of the very best ways to create a lead magnet is to start with the offer you want to promote to your audience? When you think about the offer you want to make to them it’s important to think about all the steps necessary to get them to the point that they want to buy that offer.
So, for example, let’s say you created a course about how to run profitable Facebook advertisements. That’s the product you ultimately want to promote. Your course is $997. Some things that your audience may need to know prior to running Facebook ads may be the potential return on investment of Facebook Ads, or even how to write a converting sales page for your Facebook Ad.
You could start with a lead magnet that is all about the benefits of running advertisements on social media especially Facebook. Instead of teaching exactly how to run the ads you can talk about the things you need before you start running an advertisement. For example, the lead magnet might be called, “10 Things You Need to In Place Before Running a Facebook Advertisement” or something like that.
Alternatively, you might want to talk about the importance of getting more targeted traffic to a website and one method you mention might be Facebook Ads. Then you can market the course within the content of the Getting More Traffic lead magnet report. As you can see, there are many ways to approach this but the way that is best is from the beginning.
It’s important that you mention their problems so that you can offer the solution. Talk about the pain they’re going through, make them really feel it so that they know you relate to it. Let them know what they’re missing out on by not getting enough traffic to their offers from free methods. Once you have their attention offer up the paid method that you can teach them to do right from day one while also explaining to them why you’re the person to teach them through proof of your own results.
Essentially, you need to come up with what’s just before the paid offering so that they can build up to being ready for the paid offering. It will help you to write down the steps you have to go through to be ready for the paid offering and then you can create a lead magnet for each of those steps which by the way, gives you even more opportunity to create and/or promote products getting them through those steps of readiness.
If you’ve lead them through making their sales page stand out, getting their product ready, and now you’re going to show them how to get even more traffic through strategic Facebook Ads to blow their traffic up in a big way that’s going to make a huge impact because you can show them via the lead magnet how much more traffic (and more targeted traffic) they can get via paid ads compared to organic methods thus allowing them to build their business faster or whatever other benefits you can come up with.
In a nutshell: Start with your offer. Think about what they need to do before that or what pain is driving them towards your offer. Come up with helpful content that’s a step before your paid products and or services. By working backward it’s easy to weave in the offer and make it relevant.

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